is wondering “Wassup With Florida”
‘Wot IS UP wit Florida’ ?

The World Famous KROQ

It never fails that the funniest, weirdest, craziest, drug-related stories we find online come from one location 90% of the time: Florida.

In fact, these stories pop up so often, we decided we had to group them together to celebrate our favorite state of the Union, in a segment called “What’s Up With Florida?”

  • Tampa: A man’s son’s finger was bit off by the family dog. The dad shot the dog, then retrieved the finger in hopes to reattach it.
  • Palm Bay: A woman was arrested after being caught on a surveillance camera pooping and skinny dipping in a stranger’s backyard.
  • AFlorida Highway Patrol Officer stopped a man for going 87 mph in a 70 zone. Because the driver turned out to be a Florida lawmaker, the officer decided to let him off with just a $10 citation for proof of car insurance. In return …

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